Mathematics on OneNote

Writing mathematics on OneNote is useful because it allows the teacher to model the notation to students:

You can display mathematics on OneNote in such a way that it guides discovery. Using annotations and gestures, mathematics on OneNote can become “mathematics without words”.

When you are doing mathematics on OneNote you may wish to use the ink to math option:

Occasionally you might like to write mathematics on OneNote in such a way that it acts like a powerpoint. You can prepare this very quickly by cutting and pasting on multiple pages.

Alternatively, you can write mathematics on OneNote and incorporate it into a powerpoint using Office Mix. Click here for an example of this.

When writing mathematics on OneNote the use of colour is not only attractive but also useful in highlighting patterns.

A magnification of 100% is appropriate and comfortable for the teacher when writing mathematics on OneNote. Once the teacher has completed an example, however, the magnification can be reduced. This allows the students to see the example on one screen and helps them understand the full process. It would be hard for the teacher to actually write the mathematics on OneNote at a reduced magnification. Reducing the magnification afterwards, however, helps the students get the “full picture” and makes the teacher look neat!

When you write mathematics on OneNote you create an object that can be moved around, copied and pasted or resized. Resizing can be useful.

When using the mathematics add-in on OneNote, you will find a range of tools that you can use. In this example, an equation is found that models a skateboard ramp. First a linear, then a quadratic, then a cubic is tried before eventually the quartic model proves best and OneNote displays it in three dimensions.

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